Monday, January 27, 2014

Vancouver: Earnest Ice Cream

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I had my first bite at Raulie's on Saturday night. That single spoonful was enough to get me up on Sunday morning with a mission: get more. I got mine at Harvest Community Foods

It's expensive ($11/pint), but so worth it.

Now we all know ice cream is not my favourite thing (recall here). But then there's ice cream sooo good it's undeniable. Earnest Ice Cream is that ice cream. In one bite it obliterated all the other ice cream I tolerate (my list is again here). 

Earnest began in 2012 as the love child of Ben and Erica, a passionate duo who love ice cream and wanted to showcase the best of BC through creative flavours and sustainable values. Their mission is so good I bought into every word, after all they're selling recyclable/resuable pint jars packed with creamy, tasty goodness.

Their ice cream is good. No seriously, it's seriously good. It's everything you want in real ice cream - natural whole food ingredients and fun flavours like whiskey hazelnut and peanut butter and jam.

London fog - fragrant, smoky and heavenly
Milk chocolate - creamy, malty and delectable
So legit, too legit. Best I ever ate.

Their scoop shop is here or you can get it all around the city. Check here. They have a wide range of flavours but they're not widely available. The only downside of making small batches. Check here.

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