Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Vancouver: Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House II

offering just enough since 1985
:Robson Street:

Same Joe, different meal.

On a very important December day, the sister and I took Momma GG for a nice steak dinner. Momma GG doesn't like steak, but she likes to eat at steak houses - not to have steak but fish. Momma GG always gets fish. Unlike me, feed me steak every day. I am my father's daughter. But why does she have to go to a steak house? Because Papa GG LOVED it. It seems the idea of going for steak, well, it's its own therapy.

So I decided to take her to Joe Fortes instead of Gotham.  Joe, again. Only this time I'm paying full price. It wasn't happy hour and we were upstairs in the dining room. Service was great, but then again they throw their comment cards at you when you're done so they risk negativity if it's not. This scheme of their's leads to a card arriving in the mail. There's something old fashioned about it that I would like, but it was far too impersonal. The sentiment is there, but it has zero thought behind it. 

Joe does do one thing no one else does and it's awesome:  

Presenting Joe Fortes Lobster Oil
Stellar. Everyone needs a take-home bottle.
I like Canyon Creek more than Joe Fortes.
I like the Keg more than Joe Fortes.
But I like Harbour Sixty the best.
Momma GG loved her fish.
I agree - it was perfect. But why do their sides match my sides? One word - lazy.
Caramelized jumbo scallops - amazing.
But $15 for three. They're NOT that amazing.
Dinner was solid. Happy on all fronts, and the final bill wasn't extraordinary. It was expected though I don't know what "more" they think they're offering, course who knows what they were up against back in 1985.

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