Thursday, January 9, 2014

Vancouver: Sura

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A few of my friends joke that I'm a princess. Not true. Then again, Papa GG always said he was a king. Royalty or not, I found a Korean restaurant that will please your taste buds and other senses.

During the holidays a couple of Tdot friends came to play. Now they're no Santa but they spread some cheer. While out with a few of their Vancity friends I found myself taking notes; having lived here for most of their lives they were knee deep in the restaurant scene. Sharing. You know how much I love it. One of them suggested Sura. Note he's more Korean than me.

I had a dinner date with my little Samurai, Totoro, last night. She wanted Korean so Sura was the first thing I thought of.

It was not what I expected. It's glamorous.

As I stood in the doorway I became hesitant and it occurred to me that maybe I had been misled. Then again, never judge on appearance only. I suppose I'm just not used to fancy Korean eats because it’s usually a hallmark sign of mediocre food. 

Designed with modern accents, sheer draping and candlelight, it was a welcome change from what I usually get. They have well put-together servers and they're playing jazzy classy tunes. Music is always the way to my heart.

And the food? Straight up. Authentic, delicious. I just learned they're actually an award-winning restaurant whose intent is to capture the art and sophistication of Royal Cuisine. I would say they've succeeded.

The food is true to its roots and beautifully presented. The plating elevates the food, but not the cost. The menu items were at most a few dollars more than your run-of-the-mill Korean restaurant, and their lunch set course is a steal at $15.

Totoro and I shared:
a personal favourite: potato pancake
She then had the mackerel/daenjangjigae duo - a winning combination ($15).

I had:
the soft tofu soup ($11) - flavourful and fiesty
The food was really true to form and Tortoro and I had a lovely meal and got to catch up. She's one of those rare people who have an undeniable likability. And as busy as Sura was getting, they never once asked us to settle up after we had finished, so we ended up staying a couple hours.

I would go back to Sura in a heartbeat. It was a fabulous find. All hail good eats.

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