Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Vancouver: Cartems II

let me count the ways

At their "permanent" location - bigger, brighter, better, safer.
One of the first things that made my best I ever ate list was Cartems.  Here we are a year later, and I'm still on the love train and making stops to fill the seats. I added a lot more today when I showed up at work with three boxes of these bad boys:

Clockwise from top left: citrus dust, mexican mole, salted caramel, classic
In honour of Aquifoli's upcoming birthday I brought in a selection of the best of Cartems, including earl grey, salted caramel and Canadian whiskey bacon:

Earl grey

My coworkers enjoyed them. I enjoyed them. They disappeared. Fast. Even if you don't love doughnuts like I love doughnuts, you will appreciate a well-made nut. How can you not? And Cartems makes a good doughnut - inspired flavours, tasty and not tooth ache sweet. They also have service with a smile and an easy pre-advance order process. It's painless and almost* perfect.

When you're this awesome, being lucky doesn't even factor. See what I did there?

* They packed up four of the wrong doughnuts but when brought to their attention it was quickly addressed. And that ladies and gents is customer service. I can go in and pick up the right four, at no cost. Mmmmmm..quadruple happiness.

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