Thursday, February 6, 2014

Vancouver: The Patty Shop

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You realize how spoiled you are when you no longer have access to the things you take for granted. And by spoiled I mean a gluttonous pig and by things I mean food. This is how I feel about Toronto street meat and dem Jamaican patties. Yes, the weirdly yellow-orange ones with the not-so-flaky shell. They were never gourmet but they're beloved by eastcoasters everywhere. Patties - whether from a store in the subway or the ghetto Coffee Time just off campus or the local shop in Kensington or the stores on St.Clair or Eglinton - hit the spot every time. 

Jamaican food has a strong presence out east, here in Vancity, not so much. But remember (here), I'm really looking at ways to embrace how it is here. It's a day to day struggle and some days I feel like I'm failing but I keep trying.

Monday was a success. I like the patties here, more specifically, here. A while back I heard The Patty Shop has the best patties in town. Nonetheless I relegated it to the back of my list because I know myself, MacDonald and King Edward is too far a trek. How lucky am I that I have Ceecee?!? She seems to care about the happiness of my belly as much as I do. Must be our mutual admiration for Julia Child...wasn't it Julia who said "people who love to eat are always the best people". Oh Child, don't we know it.

Ceecee went to get her family some patties and by association I benefited. She got me six spicy beef patties and they were delish.

Frozen and baked fresh.
The baked up lovely in my oven. A flaky, buttery, delicious crust. It actually reminded me of the best patty I ever ate, handed to me by a Rasta who has been making them with his mother for years out of a broken down shack on a little corner of Seven Mile Beach. 

The filling was smooth and had a bite, but it wasn't the flavour I missed. I think I'm going to take the opinion of my fellow bloggers and try the curry chicken next time.

The Patty Shop is local, loved and lucid. A little hole in the wall that has became an institution for doing one thing and doing it right, over and over again. I'm just happy to know I can fill this craving if I need to. That's what cabs are for. If I could ever hail one in this city. 

Dirt cheap good eat. The Patty Shop is pleasing patty eaters (as in everywhere here, because I'm not sure it'd get as much love in Tdot). Nyam up.

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  1. Sounds like a good place. But the thing is, if people in Vancouver want something pastryesque or bun-like with curried stuff in it, they think Chinese, not Jamaican. Get a curried beef turnover or a barbecued pork bun at a place like New Town Bakery and Restaurant in Chinatown if you want Vancouver comfort food.

    1. Purple library guy - thanks for the tip! I will definitely take you up on it and drag my butt to New Town!


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