Monday, March 17, 2014

Vancouver: The BoatHouse Restaurant

memories carry on
:West End:

I am not down with the BoatHouse. At no fault of his own, he just doesn't do it for me. I think it's because he seems outdated. But I had Momma GG to think about, and by now we all know she loves seafood. 

The more important deciding factor was actually a $100 gift certificate I was sitting on. 

Free food. No brainer.

Papa GG took me to the one in Richmond long long ago. When I was a young pipsqueak. I still remember going even if I have no other details to go with that memory. It makes me smile. Momma GG felt the same way.

Now that I've disclosed the why, here's the what. Beautiful view. Friendly hosts. Sloppy table service. Our waiter failed to tell us about the specials, which would have saved me some money. But seeing as it wasn't my money in the first place, I'll let it slide.

The food was surprisingly okay. I was expecting it to be terrible since the chain has been going downhill for a decade. He's failed to adapt and one could argue the restaurant's staying true to himself but considering the many empty 

Here's the bottom line: The Boathouse is like dating a no-go-getter in your 30s. There's no upside. It's not going to go anywhere, you won't be better for it, but it will be a waste of your time and money even if it gives you a good memory or two. So if your choice in men is as bad as you are with money, you can eat here. The view is awesome, the food won't kill you but that's as good as it gets.

Coconut shrimp appetizer with over-salted sauce and pretty good mango salsa.
Momma GG's halibut was really good, everything else on the plate was mediocre.

My steak was terrible, but the lobster was alright - a tad overcooked but good.

It goes without saying I wouldn't go back. In fact I wouldn't have gone but for the fact the sister re-gifted the gift certificate. It's shamefully mediocre food at a premium cost. Public opinion rules and they say: why go here, when there's Joey or Cactus. I agree.

Overpriced and underwhelming but it was a perfect date night for Momma GG and me. She had fun, enjoyed the view and her food. Thanks Boathouse but sorry, I don't ever want to see you again. But I commend you, even though you're sinking like a stone, (you) carry on.

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