Friday, March 14, 2014

Vancouver: Earnest Ice Cream II

on repeat
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I get obsessed. When I want something, I have to immediately go out and get it. When I like something, I must keep buying it. And I do this on repeat for a while. Not everything lasts through the honeymoon phase, but if it does, I usually love it for life.

Thank god this doesn't apply to humans. Only materialistic objects and things with no value or meaning or altruistic intent. Does that make me shallow? OMG. I think I just had a psychological breakthrough. I'm laughing. Are you?

Anyway, yes I'm posting about Earnest Ice Cream again. Yes, it's still a best ever. I'll stop posting on it after this. And not because my love affair with this ice cream ended, but because much like Facebook status updates, I know no one really cares.

Whiskey Hazelnut. The best flavour of the best ice cream.

Whiskey-fueled creamy goodness with whole roasted hazelnuts riddled throughout.
That's really all there is to say.

Well, and this:

P.S. Edible Canada seems to have the best selection, with the sweetest staff. It's $0.95 more, but if you're paying $11 for ice cream, is that really an issue.

P.P.S. I know I skipped over the fact I've been MIA. Was lost traveling, but now I am found.

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