Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Vancouver: South Ocean Seafood Restaurant

all hail king crab

It's King crab season here on the west coast and that means feast! If you've never had fresh King crab you are missing out. The best way to eat it is in courses where they celebrate every bit of the goodness it has to offer. It's limited edition and it's a treat - the meat is juicier, flakier and tastier. The King of Chinese feasts.

Fresh King crab is subtly sweet and is best when it's prepared to showcase every bit of that subtly.

I joined the sister and her friends at South Ocean Seafood Restaurant. It's not commuter friendly since it's in Richmond, but we made it there in one piece. Apparently this place is at least $10 a pound cheaper than anywhere else.

The five of us gathered in your run of the mill setting: round tables, Lazy Susan, white table cloth, straightshootin' service and lively environment. We started with this:

Steamed with garlic. Simple to the point goodness.
Then we moved onto this:

Deep fried garlic-spice greatness.
And ended with this:

Baked rice awesomeness.
With tomalley (the gooey insides that many find disgusting but I find delightful)
You can add another course but there were only five of us which meant I spent more money that I intended. The ideal number is 6 to 8. It makes the meal bigger and the cost per person smaller. What was the damage you wonder? $64 per person. Yikes. Wouldn't do it again unless there were more mouths to feed.

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