Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Vancouver: Bismarck Bar

time of my life

My first thought when I heard Bismarck? You sunk my battleship. No? Tu ne comprendes pas? That's too bad, I guess Battleship wasn't part of your Hasbro family fun night. You're probably wondering how a child of an early immigrant family got her hands on Battleship? It was my neighbourhood. I used to play with the kid across the street and being the tomboy I was, it was GI Joe, Transformers and Battleship. Those were the days.

Today when I play it's more casual bars and highballs. I like Bismarck for a few reasons. It's the furthest from pretentious. It's cozy chic with multiple television screens and great music. It's also staffed by some awesome people and has the best kind of bar - the kind you can actually sit comfortably at and eat. After all, sometimes a seat at the bar is the best seat in the house. Except if you're Momma GG. She would rather wait an hour than sit at the bar. But I get it. No one puts Momma on a stool.

As a bar, the food is a step-up. It's not gourmet, but it's not frozen chicken strips and jar sauce. It's actually thoughtful, and while not everything was great. There were some standouts. Warning...the photos are bad. It was a Friday night, there were drinks and my focus wasn't exactly on taking Instagram worthy shots. 

Stuffed chicken wings. Not boneless chicken wings. Real chicken wings. Stuffed with two kinds of cheese. Um, ya. I'm all over that:

Crispy bites of goodness. My outer hips hate me for it, but my inner pig was loving it.
The crispy chicken burger was also tasty, although the sister thought the bun to meat ratio could be improved. The arugula is a nice touch: simple because nutty greens go so well with fried chicken.

The scotch egg was better than expected but on the disappointing side, only because I'm a scotch egg snob.

The tuna tacos were...terrible. I feel bad for saying that, but they were flawed, not just in terms of flavour but production. They're poorly constructed so they fall apart before you get them to your mouth.

Never again.
Now that you've had time to digest, you can probably guess I liked Bismark more than I didn't. So I'd go back. It's not in the best area so you'll run into questionable characters. Sometimes they stay outside, sometimes they wander in. Know that but still go - there's some good eats and good times waiting at the bar.

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