Saturday, April 26, 2014

Vancouver: Coast Restaurant

weekdays only

In the 18 months I've been here I noticed a few major players monopolize the dining scene: Donnelly Group, Sequoia, and Glowbal.

Coast is part of the latter family and it's been around a long time. I would occasionally hit it up when I was in town visiting but haven't gone since I moved back because I always thought it was overpriced. Little did I know they have affordable bento box lunches. Momma GG would love that.

Too bad it's only during the week. I made the mistake of not checking and taking Momma GG in on the weekend. She wanted to try it anyway so we stayed. I wish we hadn't, but Momma GG liked it. That's enough.

Their appies were 50 percent off so I got the caesar and lobster poutine. Yes, I do love poutine. Don't get between me and my french fries.

The perfectly fried egg made up for the fact there was only two pieces of lobster.
Two teeny tiny pieces.
I will not pay full price ($18.95) for this. There is NOTHING smart about paying full price for this.
The caesar:

Momma GG loved the candied anchovies. So do I  but I told her I didn't so she'd eat them.
Sometimes a little white lie doesn't hurt. It's the only way you'll get your all sacrificing mother to do something you and she both want to - even if it's just to eat something she likes.

Service was also subtly snarky. Our waiter was pleasant for sure, but there was an undercurrent of judgement when I chose to only order two of the dishes off the happy hour selection. Really? Luckily I know my value is higher than the waiter so I took it all in with a smile.

Momma GG got the pan roasted seabass and she loved it. The presentation was beautiful and I really liked the way they prepared the farro:

Beautiful plating
I am going to go back to take Momma GG for the bento boxes. I know they'll be great. Ceecee told me about them and she has not steered me wrong and I doubt she every will.

Other than weekday lunch? I probably won't be back for dinner simply because I can't bring myself to pay what they charge. Does that mean I don't like it? No, it means I don't value it. For the cost of Coast I'd head to Blue Water Cafe because value is king and Coast's food doesn't match the dollars it'll cost you. That said, if you and your crew are looking for a quick stop for some half-price small dishes and a drink, go to Coast.

But thanks Coast, Momma GG enjoyed her meal. I didn't particularly enjoy mine but I did like the view - open kitchen with a line of chefs will make any woman swoon. 

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