Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Vancouver: I Cafe

Day after day

I've been looking for the Vancity equivalent of Hong Kong cafe in Tdot's Chinatown. You'd think in a city with the largest diverse Chinese speaking majority I wouldn't have a problem. Course, my social circle is about one percent of what it was. It really does take a village to feed me. So I've been right here waiting...

Until I decided I couldn't take it anymore and tapped into the sister's network who unanimously suggested I Cafe. Then I surveyed a work colleague, and she ditto-ed it. So said co-worker and I popped in for lunch.

Hong Kong style cafe food is its own cuisine - at least in my books - and my favourite meal is Portuguese baked curry and a dong-lai-cha. I'm pretty sure I butchered the latter but I say it with love. It's just milk tea and it's sooooo good. The curry is a creamy yellow chicken curry and if I'm right (which I like to think I am) the dish originated in Macau. It's an organic fusion dish - organic in that it's a natural cross-over of cultures and flavours. This is the fusion food I live for. Forced fusion on the other hand? Recall my thoughts on Pidgin

We shared the spaghetti:

Egg? Sure, it makes the sauce carbonera-creamy. I brought some leftovers back to Riri. She's a spaghetti lover and she thought it was delicious.
The curry was not what I expected. The consistency was thinner and there was no gratin top that you get from a baked dish, but the flavours were there and it successfully squashed my craving. And it was an intense craving. I waited a year to eat this. 

With it's extensive menu, I Cafe is the perfect place for a big bite: the portions are large, the prices are good and the food is delicious. Winner winner Chinese chicken dinner.

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