Monday, April 21, 2014

Vancouver: Sushi Van

the book of negitoro
:South Granville:

Ceecee stumbled on Sushi Van. Well, technically her daughter did since she's the one that wanted sushi. You know what I've come to realize since I've been introduced to her blog? I cannot legitimately use the excuse "I'm busy". I'm NOT, I'm lazy. Ceecee is busy and yet she does this and this and this. Let me tell you...when I want a cup of tea? I turn the kettle on. This is why she's awesome. Everything is awesome. Easter is awesome. Double long weekend. Double awesome.

Now that I've shared my less enviable quality, let me share something to really be jealous of. My lunch last week with Ceecee. She was a little worried about taking me to Sushi Van since she knows I am "particular" not be confused with "picky". When it comes to sushi in this city, I am very particular because the city is s.a.t.u.r.a.t.e.d. Seriously. Vancouver has a lot and in the world according to me, there's sushi and then there's GOOD sushi. My sushi 101 is at the bottom of this post.

Sushi Van is clean, moderate sized space that's subground. Service is friendly and quick and the sushi...well it looks good doesn't it? 

Chopped scallop - fresh & tasty
Negitoro - super - soft, melt in your mouth tuna belly
If you have attention to detail, you may have noticed the rice is a funny colour. That's because Sushi Van serves green tea rice. My only problem with Sushi Van was that they serve green tea rice. Their menu has an entire page dedicated to explaining the benefits of green tea rice. Me? I don't really care. It didn't taste any different and I highly doubt it actually makes a difference. 

Ceecee said her fire (smoky & spicy heat) roll was delicious. She said it best when she said she liked that they actually made a sauce instead of just adding sirracha. I agree. Sirracha on top does not make for spicy-anything roll. 

Aburi tuna on top - the added flavour of fire
In the end, I judge sushi restaurants on the negitoro roll. It is my first love. My true love. My one and only. It must be the right colour (a pale white pink), the right smell (odourless), the right texture (soft and melty), and the right flavour (fresh). It must also be less than $3.75. Who says I'm particular?!? I am so not. But seriously, hitting all these points is easy. And it's what distinguishes good sushi from the rest.

I liked Sushi Van, in spite of its gimmicky rice. It's good sushi.

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  1. Everything IS awesome! Love this place and your posts!

  2. Delicious! They have great prices on sushi rolls! They also have a good variety. Decent service and it's clean. This is our go to place when we are craving sushi and don't want to go to an expensive restaurant.

    Bummer part is that they serve canned soda therefore no refills.

    best sushi in Montreal


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