Thursday, May 15, 2014

Vancouver: Alibi Room

modern family

Alibi reminds me of something I'd find on Ossington. It's a pub-and-a-half...the half being hipster chic. They call themselves a Modern Tavern. I actually think that's the perfect way to describe it. They are exactly what they purport to be. I like that - no surprises.

My international sister Cracker and I wanted some booze with a side of eats so I picked Alibi Room. I had tried to go a month ago with a friend but it was a 30 minute line-up and we were too thirsty to wait. 

The weekend Cracker and I went it was still early enough to get seated. Alibi has long communal tables and there's something easy about it. You just feel like you can pull up a chair, kick up your feet and hang out for an hour or so.

About 10 minutes into our visit we got hungry. We shared the burger which Cracker said was "the best burger" according to someone somewhere on the www. Well now, let's not just go throwing things around - it was good but it was far from "the best".

It takes a lot more than a wellmade burger for this belly to call best.
I like Alibi Room - it's the kind of place everyone will like. Easy, chill, unpretentious with a serious number of beers on tap and a solid selection of other drinks. 

This is the kind of place a girl like me calls a good night out.

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