Monday, May 12, 2014

Vancouver: Ask for Luigi

screw Paulie, tell them GG sent you

Because of my blog, I get a lot of "have you heard of __________", "have you eaten at __________". Now you can fill in the blank with whatever you want, but for the past month, it's been "Ask for Luigi". I read about it, I heard about it, and then the sister and her friends Raulie and Taro were talking about it. Hype can hurt you, but in the case of this restaurant - it didn't even factor. Sure it has limited seating, and yes it's on the cusp of DTES, but if you can't manage a challenge then you're not very resourceful are you.

So with my visitor in town last weekend, I thought it would be a great place for brunch. And you know what? It was. 

My buddy and I got a table as soon as we arrived. There seemed to be a wait when we left, but they turn tables over quickly so it's not a huge impediment. Service is responsive and good. The menu is casual but explorative enough for you to find something to appease your appetite. 

Our meal was solid on all fronts - well seasoned, well executed and well, damn good. I can't complain, neither could my company.

Tagliatelle alla carbonara & a poached egg
Beautiful isn't it...
Pork belly with a fried egg, salsa verde and creamy polenta
The polenta was indeed very creamy.
The pork belly was crisp on the outside and tender and meaty otherwise.
Bonus points for serving me a proper panna cotta (this is not as easy as you might think).

Beautiful to boot.
It's a lively venue with a simple premise - Italian-inspired food (specializing in fresh handmade pasta for dinner and artisanal dried pasta for lunch). If you're looking for an easy place to dine that's worth your dime...Ask for Luigi. The story behind the name is cute enough - read here and then enjoy. 

Hearty & heavenly.
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