Monday, May 12, 2014

Vancouver: Greenhorn Espresso Bar

neighbourhood delight
:West End:

I completely agree with my neighbours - this is exactly what the neighbourhood needed. The West End is my favourite hood in downtown Vancouver. The streets are beautiful and there's a sense of community but there's a lack of local joints for the community. Sure Davie Street cuts through, and then there's Denman on one end, but not much in the heart of the area.

Then opened Greenhorn. It reminds me of the sister's local cafe around the corner from her old place in the Plateau in Montreal. But it lacked sincerity. It's not Greenhorn's fault - I think it's the patrons. The majority of the people who popped in while I was there are Vanhips. A term I use to describe the undefinable group of locals who are on the extreme Vancity end - hipster-esque individuals who critique coffee to the nth degree, demand gluten free and think they live in the best place in Canada even though they've never lived anywhere else. Sorry Vancouver...I do love you, but sometimes it's hard when you throw your chia seeds and Birkenstocks in my face.

All that said, I have tunnel vision - so I appreciated only what I liked. Greenhorn is a stylish and carefree kind of cafe. I loved the interior and the warm neighbourhood service.

Large paper roll menus - LOVE!
And yes, they dish out a good cup of coffee. It's rich and softly bitter:

My macchiato
The flavour of the crema wasn't the best...but it was still good.
They also serve a small but inspired menu, but much like Medina - it's a specific craving rather than an open ended book. I generally prefer open book eating, but adding options to my ever growing repertoire of places to eat in my hood is never a bad thing.

Because nothing on the brunch menu appealed I opted for a single waffle with a side of homemade yogurt. A $5 morning treat.
I'm happy to have met Greenhorn, and I look forward to my second visit.

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