Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Vancouver: The Italian Kitchen

it is only what it is 
The Italian Kitchen, yet another eatery brought to you by the Glowbal Group

The space is CRAMPED (seriously poor seating arrangement; ahem powers-that-be, please revisit this so you don't squeeze people in corners and then create an obstacle course for them when they try and exit).

It's also  loud and dark, especially since the place is more family friendly. I would cater to that crowd, but Glowbal wants a larger reach. 

Service is BASIC because while our server was pleasant enough, he wasn't present. He just went through the motions of his job and didn't bother to do anything outside his duties. The sister chirped her two cents that I should take into account that my bar may be set higher. Well, that's a given and I don't lower it because I've seen other restaurants meets it time and time again. If it can be done by one, it can be done by anyone. 

This waiter did the bare minimum of what his job entails which means five years from now, he'll still be where he is today. Moving along since there's no need to belabour the point - The food was good. It's exactly what you expect and it's easy on the wallet.

Pasta platter for 3 ($20 per person)
The truffle pasta was the clear favourite for the sister, but we know the scent of truffle unilaterally shifts the scale in a good direction.
Momma GG loved the lamb and sausage bolognese. Momma GG doesn't like lamb which is why I didn't tell her. Shhh, our secret.
The meatballs were my favourite - moist, meaty and delicious.
The beet and (sparse) arugula salad:

The brussel sprouts were heavy on the salt:

But overall, decent food. It's economical, efficient and filling. Probably one of the more commonly visited Glowbal eateries and I can kind of see why.

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