Saturday, May 10, 2014

Vancouver: Miku

sibling rivalry
:Coal Harbour:

If there's one thing I know better than anyone else, it's that you can be related but totally different. The familial resemblance is there and they share some mannerisms but personalities are like pineapples and bananas. People prefer one or the other, it's simply a matter of preference. And a handful enjoy both.

The same can be said of sister restaurants. Take Minami and Miku. They're related and it shows. One shines brighter, depending on who you ask. Since you're on my blog, I'm guessing you're asking me. I liked Miku more. She's a little classier and a lot more high maintenance. Those aren't bad things.

I had the best visitor in town - my pseudosister Cracker. She looks nothing like me, she sounds nothing like me, and we don't have the same taste in many things, like music. She's currently down with XX by the Crystalized. I YouTubed it and thought it was okay, but wouldn't put in on replay. But that's what makes our girlfriendship the best. Our differences help us grow, our similarities keep us fat. Yes, she LOVES food like I love food. So a trip to Vancouver must include a visit to the grandfather of aburi sushi. 

This was our Miku dinner, prepare to salivate all over your keyboard...

Soba Pepperoncino

Better than Minami's soba. So many textures, flavours, and subtle heat.
Aburi Beef Carpaccio:

A PERFECTLY poached egg. PERFECT. 
Look how it glazed all over the beef - as good as gold.

Pan Seared Alaskan Scallops:

Large, plump, and precisely cooked with a fresh complement of watercress and frisee. The dollops on top are yuzu puttanesca (a little too much but we just flicked some off).
Of course no meal at these restaurants is complete without aburi sushi. It was a little sloppy (too much rice) but I don't fault them because it's still delicious and a best I ever ate.

Salmon sushi oishi + Ebi sushi oishi
We ended dinner with dessert and it was phenomenal. 

The most delicious blueberry lime tart
Every bit (blueberry compote, cassis, green apple gelee, lavender reduction, white-chocolate juniper quenelle) played its part. The chamomile-yogurt sorbet was fabulous.
The server recommended this since we couldn't choose and she was right - it was simply the best, better than all the rest.
I don't think I can throw enough superlatives their way. It's a high end restaurant worth its weight in dollars. The food is elevated, the service is fantastic, and the view of the harbour (even with the tankers) is beautiful.

Every meal I've had at Minami or Miku makes me happy. This was one of the happiest because of the view, the interior:

Designer endorsed.
But most of all, the company.

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