Sunday, May 11, 2014

Vancouver: Willow Stream Spa

best in the city
:Coal Harbour:

Did you miss that? I said BEST in the city and if you know me (personally or otherwise) you may know that I do not give that away lightly.

From the moment I called to book an appointment to the time I paid and left, I was pleased. They exceed expectation. This is my new sanctuary:

I have to personally celebrate Angie. I spoke with her on the phone when I first booked a set of appointments for myself and Momma GG and she was not just professional but genuinely pleasant and helpful. You cannot fake that. I believe some people just have an affinity to work in the service industry because they have a natural light and joy about them. That describes Angie and nearly everyone else I encountered - they like what they do.
  • The amenities are in good condition - cared for and maintained.
  • The spa is on theme with accents of natural elements like stone, rocks, wicker and wood.
  • The change room facilities are clean, well stocked and spacious. 
  • The lounges are comfortable with ample seating.
  • A steam room and experience shower (25 heads of water coming at you)
  • The terrace was my favourite - a luxury little oasis in the heart of the city with cozy covered day beds and blankets
  • Two jacuzzi tubs and infrared sauna
  • Complimentary snacks, juice and tea
It is on the pricier end, but I will objectively tell you it is worth it. Willow Stream is far beyond the company (Absolute, Chi) it keeps and far above the likes of Spa Utopia or Vida. Been there and done those and not once have I been as impressed by the care of the staff or the quality of service as I was on my first visit to Willow Stream.

It is your own cloud 9 in the big city and it is all yours until you choose to leave. The spa is really good at what they do and even stagger appointments so there isn't a lot of congestion on the terrace or in the lounges.

Book an appointment. Check-in early or stay after to enjoy some time to yourself, with some girls, with your significant other or in my case, my mother. It was a wonderful experience and it really does live up to the praise others shower it with - whether online, in person, or from yours truly right here.

TIP: They take Way Spa gift certificates and Way Spa always has a deal on their gift cards so you can save up to 20 percent. You can also purchase Way Spa gift certificates at Costco at a 25 percent discount. Combine that with any benefits you may have and an RMT ($175 for one hour) visit just became a staycation. Enjoy.

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