Sunday, May 11, 2014

Vancouver: Xi Shi Lounge Afternoon Tea

let the storm rage on

I love Afternoon Tea. Love it. Windsor Arms is starting to become a faint memory. I long to return. Only three months to go.

For Mother's Day and Momma GG's birthday I thought I'd treat her to the lux and pomp of Afternoon Tea. I read a few reviews and it seemed like the Shangria-La was well endorsed.

I am here because I feel I was led astray...far, far astray. Like I'm lost here people. So yes, I contemplated not posting at all - since that is my self-imposed rule (no bad reviews), but I felt compelled to since Afternoon Tea at the Shangria-La is not cheap. $38 per person. I was grumpier about this yesterday, but the past is in the past, so learn from mine.

The Afternoon Tea is served in the Xi Shi lounge. It's a beautiful space but for the large industrial speakers for when the lounge turns into some sort of pseudoclub after dark. 

I can forgive the decor, but I cannot forgive the plain glass dollarstore teapots they served our tea, nor can I forgive their biscuits they call a scone. Yes, that is a strong opinion, but it is still a fact. Their scones are not scones. Even Momma GG knew this. 

It was a traditional display of goodies:

It was also a disappointing and poor selection. 

The ham sandwiches in the bottom left were on old bread - stale and the processed meat smelled.
The smoked salmon bagels and the lobster salad on a brioche bun were good. I enjoyed them. I also liked the grilled cheese with truffle but it wasn't exactly luxury as described - you could barely see or taste the cheese.
My heart plummeted with each bite and it just completely broke after this:

Not scones. I repeat NOT.
Perhaps some of the worst petit fours I've ever been served.
This is the cream and jam preserves, and it epitomizes Afternoon Tea at the Shangria-La - SLOPPY.

The dishes don't fit. The cream is substandard - far removed from the decadent and delightful clotted or devon cream one expects.
Also note the stain on the table cloth. That was one of many. Throw it away. It's one cloth of hundreds, let it go.
This experience tells me the state of Afternoon Tea is in danger if this is one of the best Vancouver has to offer. I think Urban Tea Merchant has been the best so far.

I'm going to bring them one of Windsor Arms' scones and attach a little post-it note that reads: This is a scone. Yours are not. And then I'd add a happy face just to end on a positive note. 


Ya, just like that.

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