Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Vancouver: BKH Jerky

are you there God, it's me GG.

Remember that book? That was a great book. I wonder if kids these days read Judy Blume.

So let's start with the obvious. I've been MIA. My regulars know this happens on occasion. The lead up to not blogging is usually travel. That was 50 percent of the reason, the other 50 percent is work is so busy my brain has no function outside work hours.

During this long hiatus I ate some great meals, snapped a few shots and stored it on my Desktop. And finally I've made it through my to do list and here we are.

I'll keep my return short - JERKY. I love jerky, almost as much as I love doughnuts. It's actually a coin toss. Hence this post does double-duty.

The sister picked up what has arguably been called the best jerky in the city? BKH. It's Singapore jerky, so it's not exactly the kind you pick up at the gas station before a road trip. It's saucier and more tender. 
And yes, it's finger-linkin' good and slightly addictive. Jerky on.

BKH Jerky on Urbanspoon

Now chew on this: Cartems has released some new flavours. It's been almost two years since I had my first doughnut there and this is my new favourite:

London fog souffle
Your mouth doesn't even know. 

Promise I'll post again soon. No seriously, I will...

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