Monday, September 15, 2014

Vancouver: Don't Argue! Pizzeria

trouble, trouble, trouble
:Riley Park:

I spent my adolescence following the in crowd...maybe that's why I find myself going against the grain in adulthood. I don't like to argue...doesn't mean I won't. 

Don't Argue! isn't worth debating, because it wasn't bad. I enjoyed my dinner date with Totoro. Although I wonder if it was the company more than the food. That's been happening a lot these days.  

I didn't fall for Don't Argue for a few reasons. He wasn't my type. I did like the fact it's a husband and wife duo doing what they are inspired to do - bring quality more traditional Americana pizza to hungry Vancouverites. And for $40 bucks they brought Totoro and I spicy margherita:

Less sauce, more mozzarella please and where's my basil?
And pancetta and pineapple:

I preferred this to the margherita tenfold.
True Don't Argue sticks to its simple formula, and while I' like simple, it fell short because at the end of the meal, I just wasn't that into him. 

If you're going to bring me one layer of flavour it has to be stella and the tart crushed tomatoes and sparse toppings weren't enough to make me stray from GoldiesIf you remember, this place stole my heart - they do simple too and they do it for a fraction of the cost.

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