Friday, September 19, 2014

Vancouver: La Tortas

work lunch not working lunch
:South Cambie:

The workplace is much like a buffet. A large selection of this and that, but when you've been to as many buffets as I have, you become a pro at weeding out the crap. I only go for the real good stuff because I like quality. Workplaces, same thing.

Poppette is one of those things I like. We don't get to have lunch often. I think she's like me - either we're too busy and when we're not, sometimes it's nice for lunch to be a solo activity. I see it as my little piece of peace at work. Of course I make sure to consistently schedule social lunches here and there. It's happy time selectively sprinkled throughout my calendar and I look forward to each and every one.

Before my latest lunch date with Poppette, I came back to my office to find she left a post-it. She listed a few restaurant choices and told me to pick. I reviewed them and settled on Las Tortas because I've never had a torta, have you? I've had an arepa and thought it was the same. Nope - different and better. I liked the the bread: a crisp and chewy sandwich roll:

Colourful - like a Mexican banh mi?!
Fresh ingredients and condiments amply stacked between fresh bread:

Serious flavours, great textures
The best part of the meal? The homemade chips:

REALLY good...
Service is friendly and I couldn't have asked for more: cheap and delicious. And it started with a post-it. Yay Poppette!

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