Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Vancouver: Oru

brunch buffet
:Coal Harbour:

I love PacRim...why? WILLOW STREAM. Jubilee was kind enough to tell me about it. She also told me about Oru. They do a buffet brunch for $36. Now, when I first posted this - I said I thought it was $18...WHERE DID I PULL THAT NUMBER FROM?!? Oru contacted me via Yelp and advised it's always been about mid-30s - so I obviously have to apologize for my error.

But it got me thinking...why did I think it was $18? Thinking too much can hurt. So I chalk it up to the fact that what I think their buffet is worth. Half the price because it's half way to the quality it ought to be. There. Mistake rectified.

Buffets have Momma GG's name all over them. In fact last week she asked us to River Rock to check out their's. It was terrible. Capital s in *hit. Momma GG and I made the most of it. Then again, I think by now you've all realized Momma GG overfloweth with positivity. She is the epitome of glass half full.

Momma GG and I hit Oru before our appointments at Willow. It was a great deal for $18 (not so much for $36). But get this, Momma GG didn't like it. Surprising right?. She said it looked better than it tasted. I agree. I said it seemed like the selection was bigger than it was. She agrees. I'll put it to you like this: Toronto's Boiler House and Hot House take first and second in the brunch buffet category. Oru didn't place. Points for participation because at least I got this:

You can't really screw this up. 

And a waffle:

Papa GG loved waffles like I love waffles.

And a scone with clotted cream:
Along with a made to order eggs benny:

I know it looks unappetizing.
We were full and that was all we needed before some rest and relaxation at our favourite hideaway in the city. Yes, we're back at Willow Stream. If I sound like a broken record, there's a really good reason. Best spa in the city exclamation point.

Final point of this post: Oru, go again? For $36 not.

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