Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Vancouver: Tavern by Trevor

we be brunching
:Spadina + King:

Final east coast post...for now. Actually, probably for a long while. Rather than talk the talk or walk the walk, I intend to work the runway...the runway to the Vancouver love juice everyone else is drinking. Filler up?!?

Weeks ago I was walking up Spadina with Cracker. She took me to another Trevor project. I love Trevor. It's one of my favourite Toronto restaurants. I said it 2010, again in 2011 and if I thought you wouldn't get sick of me singing in all my very tone deaf beauty, I would sing it year after year.

Cracker loves Trevor too, and she loves brunch and of course she loves me. Have you ever had a friend who doesn't just make a face when you're being a first class b*tch but actually yells out, "eh, you're being a b*tch". If so, don't lose them. Because in a world where talking behind someone's back is the norm, you need someone who slaps you in the face. That's Cracker to me and vice-versa.

She took me to The Tavern for brunch (served between 11 and 3). It was what I have come to expect: honest food with flair. I had the egg white frittata with asparagus and 3 year old cheddar. It was more elegant than I expected for $15: Light, fluffy, perfectly cooked and well seasoned with ample amounts of black truffle and a tart arugula salad:

Aromatic and amazing
Cracker had chorizo with crispy poached eggs and sweet potato hash, roquette and red pepper ailoi:

A bright morning medley

Great value for really great food. Comfort food elevated with primo ingredients and a touch of class. I hope this Tavern stays this way until my next visit.

The end of another fantastic east coast trip. As I face what will be endless weeks, months and years of Vancouver - I don't roll my eyes any more. That's at least something. It's my big first step to walking this runway.

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