Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vancouver: Whole Foods Market Bakery

what you needed was here

This is a random post but hey, in a couple hours it's no rules Friday.

Let me set the scene: I like Whole Foods. Not for the abundance of organic products or nutritional yeast or local granola, but for overpriced crackers and cheese and the occasional canned good or produce on sale, but mostly (almost exclusively) for their prepared meals and sweets. (As my friends know, I like to heat-eat as opposed to cook-eat). Also, their ginger molasses cookies are one my all-time favourite things.

The Whole Foods bakery is a special place because there is something for everyone. I've never walked out with something I didn't like. Seriously, how is that even possible. It seems improbable that their cookies, cakes, pies and other treats are consistently good and universally appealing. True, I may not love what everything, but nothing disappoints or makes me shed a sad tear. There's nothing more disappointing than bad dessert. I mean isn't the root of happiness sugar?

My latest Whole Foods discovery was with Ceecee. On a random walk through, a staff member gave us a sample. One bite and we were sold.

After weeks of talking about how awesome it was, we had to have it. One of our coworkers was heading to Whole Foods to pick up lunch so I asked him to pick one up. I use asked loosely since apparently I have an annoying tendency to raise my voice three octaves when I want a favour so he knew it was coming before I even got it out.

Of course he came through, thanks Roro:

Meet coconut cream pie.
So good I'm actually going to throw down these !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few things to note: I don't really like coconut, nor do I like cream. Although I like custard which is not be mistaken for cream.  Papa GG loved both so I assume I'm now channeling his appetite.

Go pick one up. It's only $5.99 for fluffy mounds of love. So good I want to slap someone. See, none of that made any sense. This pie doesn't make's got me that twisted.

Mmmmmmmm....coocoo for coconut cream pie.
Confession: Ceecee and I had it for breakfast. Call us crazy...or maybe after you try it, you'll call us genius?! P.S. This weekend Ceecee is off to Seattle for a food blogging conference. I wanted to go with her but knew it would be sandwiched between too many big expenses for me. There's always next year and I can't wait to hear about it. If you're interested you should check her blog for updates.

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