Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Vancouver: Tartine Bread & Pies

sweet tooth
:West End:

RESTO open Monday to Saturday, 7 to 7 and Sunday 7 to 6
@770 Beach Avenue Google maps

Must eats:

Banana Cream Pie ($18)

Morning...today is a special day. One of the few days my black heart is pink. I woke up to a lot of love from near and far and well...it actually started coming in yesterday - in the form of sushi, ginger molasses cookies, some of my favourite travel necessities and PIE! 

I love pie...almost like I love doughnuts. Lately I've been all about coconut cream pie, but Jubilee told me about Tartine and its awesome banana cream pie. It's in my hood but I just never got around to popping in. Then my special day rolled around and Jubilee, being the sweet bug she is, brought one to me. She's actually like a little fairy, sprinkling her infectiously happy pixie dust here and there and basically everywhere.

That pie was everything I wanted and needed it to be: a flaky delicious crust filled with a pillowy cloud of whipped delight, bananas and banana cream. Trifecta of delicious - ohhhh ooooh ahhh yumness.

Now I must try their other pies and treats. What a happy way to start a year older.

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