Monday, February 23, 2015

Moodstruck 3D Mascara by Younique

weak in the knees
:Pricey at $35:

3D mascara is all the rage. This post is pretty simple because you can see for yourself. No retouched photos, no filters, no Photoshop magic...just my eyes and my camera. Ready? Here we go.

Here are my bare naked lashes:

These are my lashes with one coat of my go-to Benefit:

And finally, my lashes with Younique:

Wow right? Yup.
Note the marketplace is not yet saturated so you really have two bonafide choices: CherryBlooms or Younique. Here are the only three things you really need to know:

1. Cherry Blooms is $75 but you can buy it at stores across the city. Younique is $35 but you have to buy it through another person. Trust me, that's easy - if it hasn't blown up in your circle of chicks, it's about to.

2. Both work (full disclosure, a friend has Cherry Blooms and swears by it; I have not tried it) but both require practice to finesse.

3. Both have extreme staying power and are resistant to smudging (a bit of mild flaking but nothing a final swipe doesn't fix) but at the end of the night they wash away easily - a breeze unlike lacquered or tube mascara. 

Reviewing the above, I would say a smart woman would go with Younique. I would say I'm a smart woman. Here's what you work with:

I don't like the packaging but I like what's inside too much to really care.
The results are clear. I love it, so much so let's look at it again:

Dramatic. Makes you feel weak...can hardly speak? Lose all control and something takes over me? There's nothing like finding a really really awesome beauty buy.

Younique is so effective I don’t really need more. Meaning, I'm so happy with it I'm not even curious about Cherry Blooms. If we put price aside, I got Younique because it was the first one I learned about. If the situation were reversed, I would have bought Cherry but given the cost - I probably would have went on to try Younique and been sold.

Two products, two very different price points. Did you see what Younique did? Scroll up for a reminder and then ask yourself, do you really need more? I don't.

I don't sell hard - but really - you need to buy this. Think I'm alone? Watch here (my favourite review because she's clearly enthusiastically enthusiastic), here and here.

Love it.

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