Monday, February 16, 2015

Vancouver: Catch 122

i've been brunching

RESTO open 9 am to 1030 pm 
@122 W Hastings Street Google maps

Must eats:

Braised short ribs eggs bendict
So I had a wonderful V-day brunch date with Totoro and I knew it was going to be good because our catch ups are always non-stop laughter and giggles. I suggested Catch 122 after the sister recommended it. She said I would love it. I don't say it often, but the sister was right.

I got there at about 11:30 and a small crowd had gathered outside. I went in and put my name down. The lovely woman who greeted me estimated about a 40 minute wait. Totoro and I took that time to check out some of the nearby shops and start our catch up - a little bit about work, a little bit about boys and a lot about how awesome we are. Smirk.

Sorry the photos don't do the food justice. But even these poor quality shots will urge you to visit Catch 122 for brunch. It was as good as the anticipation leading up to it -- the reviews I read a month ago were great, the word of mouth advice I got over the past few weeks were positive, and then the moment I arrived there was a line.

Totoro and I were seated around the time they said a table would open up. I'll say service dwindled during our visit, but it was fine otherwise so nothing to get fussed about. The unexpected treat that accompanied our drinks was a nice surprise:

Delicious banana bread.
And for those that know me, I am an expert on banana bread.
All of Catch 122's brunch items are $12. There are also sandwiches, salads and add-ons. But I bleed brunch so I went for the most brunch-esque dish: a benny and it was yummy. So delicious I would say it was one of my favourite bennys. Rich and tender short rib meat sandwiched by a perfectly poached egg and english muffin. And the hollandaise sauce was nicely balanced. The yukon nugget potato hash also deserves it's own mention because they were far from ordinary - crispy, crunchy, crazy good.

Creamy not heavy with notes of citrus.

Totoro ordered the Catch 122. She enjoyed it but I agree with her in that it would have been bettered deconstructed:

Poached eggs, house-smoked and cured wild salmon,
dill creme fraiche, arguula, croissant
Catch 122 demonstrated it's worth the wait. The best brunch are complete plates - 360 degrees of happy eating. Catch 122 offers thoughtful dishes where every element is done well and delicious. This is my kind of brunch. Brunch in love.

Happy brunching!

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