Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Vancouver: Sliders

small packs punch

It's true, the smaller it is, the more they will come. Why? Because cute food is tasty. Sliders place popped up near work and our little gang was down to try. We all found something we liked - whether we're vegetarian inclined or cheese adverseI recommend you go for the original - it's got Hickory Sticks. It was the clear winner. I also suggest you skip the duck because it’s prone to drying out.

They have an extensive selection and a solid choice of sides. Three sliders plus a side will cost you about $15. Not bad and if you’re an average human, you’ll be full on two and a side.

My favourite side should be obvious - tater tots. Because I am a grown child. And Sliders serves up the really bad for but really good to you kind. The type of tot that makes you feel like you don’t need anything else in life in that moment. I found happiness in a bowl of deep fried grated potato in all its artificial glory. I mean I grew up off modified treats like this and I swear I'm better for it. Remember when you were 12 and free and all you wanted was tater tots. Join me there.

Crunchy, chewy, greasy, starchy, and downright amazing.
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  1. You forgot the ketchup container life changer. Just sayin'.


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