Monday, March 2, 2015

Holy Grail 2015

best face forward
During the transition from 2014 to 2015 I made three purchases that are game changers. Now I gotta share.

Clairsonic. I never believe the hype. I'm that girl. I like to go upstream, against the grain and basically zigzag when everyone's going straight. That doesn't mean I don't often veer back to the path of the majority. I just like to do it to my own beat.

This baby is old news and now there are so many different versions and kits it is a bit ridiculous. Would you like to know a secret Clairsonic won't tell you. You really just need one model, one speed. You can get more if you want, but really - one will do it.

I love my Clairsonic. Deeply. It is awesome - girl guide's honour. Now I want all of you, who like me, watched this bandwagon pass by – get on this ride.

You remember glow worm dolls? I had one. I loved her a lot and I frankly feel like one. My skin has never looked better. It’s brighter, more even and softer. I swear I glow.

Remember - basic model is all you need. Don’t worry about investing in the upgrades unless you really want to. The Mia will be the best $150 you spend on your face.

SK-II TreatmentEssence. I’ve known about this for years but couldn't bring myself to pay for it because I was preoccupied with La Mer. I can’t rationalize two luxury items. But after having gone through my first bottle. I’m sold. Who doesn't want to look like Cate Blanchett - really her skin says it all and her endorsement screams more.

A tip? Buy it at Duty Free. You will save significant bucks versus buying it here.

Turbo Tonik. I was on the fence about Skoah but Jubilee sold me on this product. I took everything she said. Absorbed it. Bought a small bottle ($5) and then went back on bought the big one ($40). Taking Jubilee up her expert advice is proving to be excellent for my face and inner vanity. She is, after all, not only a delight but an EXPERT. The true kind, unlike me. I have no credentials to back my advice – just my unapologetic opinion. 

This toner is pretty spectacular. My face is brighter and is it possible to be cleaner?! Almost squeaky clean but with no tightness or drying. It’s a pretty phenomenal way to put your best face forward. I had to warm up to it because it’s about $40 – but I intend to make the bottle last 6 months. Do the math – less than $6 a month. Please, I spend more on coffee and doughnuts.