Pure Gluttony

I love food. Like, really love it. And delicious food can be found everywhere and sometimes...it's free. A few of the best meals I've ever eaten have been served up by friends and family, and even by me. Yes, I can cook. I'm actually quite the aspiring "chef". But I'm not about to invite you over, neither are my friends. I think I'm part of a new(er) wave of culinary enthusiasts – wannabe foodies with big stomachs and open minds. Our palates are as sophisticated but our fascination with food is a little different – we appreciate refined culinary delights as much as we love gorging on dirrttyyyy eats.  And I love dirrttyyyy eats.  The dirtier, the better.

Before what I like to call the "food revolution", good food was thought to be reserved for the pretentious uppity types. Those days are no longer. Sadly, I recently discovered that although the culinary world is changing, people don’t. I encountered a group of food bullies - offensive know-it-alls who make condescending remarks and recommend only the haughty-toighty. The other day I suggested a restaurant and they proceeded to throw their uppityness in my happiness.  (What an egghead. I eat eggs for breakfast…)

So to them, let me be clear, this food diary is simply a record of all the places I've eaten that have made me happy. I focus on Toronto because it's my home. But my gastroadventures include Vancouver, Montreal and New York City - three cities I frequent for work and play.  Starting in the fall of 2012 Vancouver will be forefront.  I've made the move here and will be eating my way through.

Always eat to your heart's content.