Saving Grace

I am a 'Type A' nerd with an addictive personality and a mild case of OCD. Basically that means I shop like an aggressive and organized machine who takes no prisoners.  My closet is proof positive: it's over-capacity and colour-coded by type and season. I kid you not.

My favourite fashionista taught me that your face is the ultimate accessory, hence the millions of beauty junkies – so many things to try and so many of us who do.

I promise one thing, and one thing only: I do my due diligence (it's the geek in me) before I post.  But it’s still just my opinion, and whether I'm your second, or hundredth, the more you know, the smarter you shop.

The world of beauty is like the world at large, way too much false advertising and too too much of everything. Consider me that little something that helps you cut through the crap.